Coffee gourmet is a term used to describe coffee that is of exceptional quality. specialty coffee is another term you might encounter when looking for gourmet coffee. Gourmet coffee beans are distinguished fromregular coffee beans in a few key ways. In this guide, we'll cover what those differences are and how they impact the taste of your coffee.

Specialty coffee beans are generally grown at higher altitudes than regular coffee beans. The slower rate of growth at these higher altitudes results in a harder bean with more complex flavor profiles. In addition, specialty coffee beans are typically hand-picked rather than machine harvested. This ensures that only ripe beans are selected, furthering the complexity of flavor.

Another important distinction between gourmet and regular coffee is the roasting process. Gourmet coffees are roasted slowly and at lower temperatures than regular coffees. This meticulous roasting process results in a more even roast and brings out delicate nuances in the coffee's flavor profile that would be lost at higher temperatures.

The final result of all these years of hard work by growers, pickers, and roasters is a cup of coffee that is truly exceptional. When brewed properly, gourmet coffees display a complex array of flavors that are simply not present in regular coffees. If you're new to specialty coffees, we recommend starting with a light roast. Light roasts tend to be more approachable for first-time drinkers and offer brighter, more floral flavors. As you become more familiar with specialty coffees, you can experiment with different roasts and brewing methods to find the ones that suit your taste preferences best.

Gourmet coffees offer a flavor experience like no other. If you're looking to upgrade your coffee game, seek out specialty coffees from high-altitude regions that have been slow-roasted to perfection. You won't be disappointed!

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