Do you love the taste of cajun food?

Cajun seasoning is a unique blend of spices that can add flavor to any dish. It is perfect for adding a spicy kick or a savory depth of flavor to your favorite recipes.

Whether you are looking for a new recipe to try or just want to add some extra spice to your usual dishes, cajun seasoning is the perfect way to do it. With so many different flavors available, there is sure to be one that suits your tastes.

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How We Choose The Best For You

It can be hard to find a good Cajun seasoning that doesn't taste too salty or overpowering.

Most of the time, it feels like you have to choose between a seasoning that's either too bland or one that's so spicy it overpowers all other flavors.

We've done the hard work for you and found the best cajun seasonings on Amazon. Whether you're looking for something with a little heat or something a little more subtle, we've got you covered.

McCormick Cajun Seasoning

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Why We Mention It

McCormick Cajun Seasoning is an excellent choice for adding heat and flavor to a variety of dishes. This high quality seasoning mix provides a delicious balance of tangy, smoky, and spicy flavors to bring a zesty taste to your recipes. The combination of spices including paprika and cayenne pepper bring just the right amount of kick without overwhelming your dish.

Best of all, McCormick Cajun Seasoning does not contain a lot of salt, making it perfect for those who prefer to limit their sodium intake. The vibrant color makes it attractive on the plate and enhances presentation while also amplifying flavor. Though more expensive than other brands, McCormick Cajun Seasoning is well worth every penny.

Some Facts You Should Know

Featuring garlic, black pepper, cayenne pepper, oregano, chili pepper, onion pow, paprika, and red and green bell peppers in one blend, it’s like having your own kitchen full of classic Cajun seasonings. Whether you want to heat up your Louisiana favorites like catfish, crawfish, jambalaya and gumbo or jazz up chicken, shrimp, fish vegetables dishes - McCormick has you covered!

Frontier Cajun Seasoning

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Why We Mention It

his incredible seasoning has big flavor and no salt, providing a unique and incredibly tasty way to boost flavor while cutting back on added sodium. With this cajun blend, you'll get all the spice and flavorful aromatics of traditional Louisiana cooking but with none of the excess salt that can be harmful for those watching their intake. It's an ideal way to enhance simple meals like roasted cauliflower or blackened seafood, adding options for low-sodium dishes without food fatigue. Frontiers Cajun Seasoning gives your dish all the pep you're looking for, perfect for everyone from health conscious eaters to adventurous cooks with plenty of ideas!

Some Facts You Should Know

This organic, kosher seasoning blend adds a delicious layer of southern-style taste to any meal. Made with all-natural ingredients including paprika, onion, garlic, marjoram, thyme and fennel seed - each a staple spice in many Cajun dishes - Frontier's organic Cajun blend is sure to transform your meals into something special. Sprinkle it on soups and grains, or add an extra kick to meats and beans - no matter how you use it, your food will be bursting with rich flavor that only this unique blend can bring.

Tony Chachere's Original Creole Seasoning

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Why We Mention It

Tony Chachere's Original Creole Seasoning is the perfect addition to any kitchen. It infuses dishes with all the wonderful flavors of New Orleans, from a subtle kick of heat to classic herbs and spices. This seasoning adds pizzazz to fried fish, chicken dishes, and even greens and veggies, but that's not all—its special blend of ingredients takes out the need for extra salt! Meaning you can cook up delicious meals without compromising on flavor or your health. The authentic Creole flavor of Tony Chachere's Original Creole Seasoning lets you bring a piece of NOLA into your own home. So open up that box, breathe in that delectable smell, and indulge in great food made better by this amazing product!

Some Facts You Should Know

Tony Chachere's Original Creole Seasoning is a mouthwatering blend of flavorful spices that will add an impressive kick to all your favorite dishes. All it takes is just a sprinkle of this creole seasoning and you're good to go! Made from salt, red pepper, black pepper, chili powder (chili pepper, salt garlic powder), dehydrated garlic and silicone dioxide (anti-caking agent), this seasoning is the perfect companion for any meal. It can easily enhance the flavor of meats, seafood, poultry, vegetables, eggs, soups, stews and salads. Even barbecue and French fries can taste extra delicious with Tony Chachere's Original Creole Seasoning. Plus, it contains no MSG so you don't have to worry about any added preservatives here!

OLD BAY Seasoning

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Why We Mention It

This seasoning will take your seafood boil to the next level. Versatile and delicious, Old Bay is the perfect blend of spices for shrimp, potatoes, and even on garlic bread! With its amazing value, you can trust that it will be the ideal compliment to any dish. Whether you’re creating a seafood feast or simply want to add some mouth-watering flavor to your dinner table, Old Bay is here for you and your family. Its zesty blend of spices adds just enough heat and savory goodness without overpowering any recipe.

Some Facts You Should Know

OLD BAY Seasoning has been around since 1939, adding delicious flavor to all kinds of dishes. This world-renowned crab boil seasoning is a unique blend of 18 spices and herbs -- red pepper, black pepper, celery salt and paprika, just to name a few -- creating a perfect balance of salty, sweet and spice. With OLD BAY Seasoning, you can bring some powerful flavor to all your favorite meals!

Slap Ya Mama Louisiana Cajun Seasoning

Why We Mention It

Slap Ya Mama Louisiana Cajun Seasoning is a must-have item for the pantry of any chef who loves big, bold flavors. With three sizes of spices to choose from – medium heat, hot, and super hot - you can opt for whatever level of spice suits your taste buds. The price is right too – all three spices combined offer great value.

The seasoning is designed to pair perfectly with every cuisine you could imagine - beef, chicken, seafood and more - so that you never have to reach for anything else when creating delicious dishes.

Some Facts You Should Know

Slap Ya Mama Louisiana Cajun Seasoning is the perfect package of fragrant spices to give your meals a unique, flavorful kick. Featuring Slap Ya Mama Original Blend Cajun Seasoning 8oz, Hot Blend and White Pepper Blend, this selection offers something for everyone – whether you’re looking to add a little extra flavor or serious heat!

The traditional Original Blend creates that classic Cajun flavor with a mild-to-medium heat, making it perfect for all types of dishes. For those that like their food spicier, the Hot Blend adds an intense kick of heat and plenty of unique flavor. And for the pepper lovers with more sensitive palates, the White Pepper Blend resembles black pepper, but with a medium spiciness that bring out the best in seafood dishes.

Slap Ya Mama has perfectly crafted these blends to deliciously compliment any meal without taking away or masking its true flavors. Experienced cooks and amateurs alike can gain culinary versatility in one convenient package; all you need to do is "slap" on some seasoning!

Cajun Seasoning FAQs

A lot of people are intimidated by Cajun seasoning and don’t know how to use it.

Seasoning can be a little intimidating, but it's an important part of cooking. If you're not sure how to use Cajun seasoning, you're not alone.

We've compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions about Cajun seasoning so that you can cook like a pro in no time. From what goes into Cajun seasoning to how to store it, we've got you covered.

What is Cajun seasoning?

Cajun seasoning is a spice mix that typically contains salt, black pepper, garlic powder, cayenne pepper, and paprika. It's used to season food such as gumbo, jambalaya, and etouffee.

How do I use Cajun spice blends?

To use a cajun spice blend, simply add it to whatever dish you are cooking. For example, if you are making shrimp etouffee, add 1-2 tablespoons of cajun spice blend to the pan when you are cooking the shrimp. If you are making chicken gumbo, add 1-2 tablespoons of cajun spice blend to the pot when you start cooking the soup. You can use as much or as little cajun spice blend as you like, depending on your taste preferences.

What are the benefits of using Cajun spice mix?

Cajun spice mix is a flavorful blend of herbs and spices that can be used in many different dishes. Some of the benefits of using Cajun spice mix include:

  • Added flavor: Cajun spice mix adds a delicious spicy flavor to foods.
  • Increased nutrition: Cajun spice mix is a great source of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals.
  • Weight loss: Cajun spice mix can help to boost metabolism and aid in weight loss.
  • Improved health: Cajun spice mix has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties that can help improve overall health.

What's an easy homemade cajun seasoning recipe?


  • 1 tablespoon onion powder
  • 1 teaspoon cayenne pepper
  • 1 teaspoon garlic powder
  • 1 teaspoon paprika
  • ½ teaspoon black pepper
  • ½ teaspoon dried thyme leaves
  • ¼ teaspoon dried oregano leaves

Mix all the ingredients together and store in an airtight container. Use this homemade cajun seasoning as desired on chicken, fish, beef or pork.

What are some of the best Cajun seasoning tips and tricks?

  1. Start with a good base: Bay leaves, black pepper, garlic powder, onion powder, cayenne pepper, and dried thyme are all great options.
  2. Add some smoked paprika for a smoky flavor: Smoked paprika is key in Cajun seasoning and gives it that characteristic flavor.
  3. Use different types of peppers for extra heat: If you want your seasoning to be extra spicy, add some cayenne or crushed red pepper flakes.
  4. Don't forget the salt: Kosher salt is a great option for Cajun seasoning because it has a nice salty flavor without being too overpowering.

How do I store Cajun seasoning?

When storing your cajun seasoning, make sure to keep it in a cool, dry place. This will help to keep the herbs and spices fresh. Additionally, you can place the cajun seasoning in an airtight container or even store it in the fridge. Doing so will help to preserve the flavor and potency of the herbs and spices.

What Is The Best Cajun Seasoning For You?

With so many options on the market, it can be hard to know which Cajun seasoning is right for you. But never fear, we're here to help. We've done the legwork and found the best of the best when it comes to Cajun seasonings. So whether you like it hot or mild, there's an option for you. Just tap the "check price" button to see the latest pricing on Amazon!

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