From creamy brie to a crumbly blue cheese, there is no denying that cheese is one of the most beloved ingredients in any kitchen. But did you know that the way you cut your cheese can make all the difference? In this blog, we will explore how to properly cut different types of cheeses—from thin slices to perfect wedges. Read on for tips and tricks on cutting cheese like a pro!

Soft Cheeses

Softer cheeses like brie and camembert are best sliced with a soft cheese knife. The blade should be curved so that it can more easily scoop around the edges of the cheese. If you don’t have a soft cheese knife, you can use a butter knife or even an offset spatula. For thin slices, use gentle pressure to slice through the cheese—this will help keep it from crumbling too much. For thicker slices, press down harder as you slice—this will help keep them uniform in thickness.

Semi-Firm Cheeses

Semi-firm cheeses like cheddar and gouda are best sliced with either a sharp knife or a wire cheese slicer. To get thin slices with minimal crumbling, start at one end of the block and gently saw back and forth until you reach your desired thickness. You can also use this technique for crumbly cheese like blue cheeses or washed rind cheeses. If you want thicker slices or wedges, use a sharp knife to cut into cubes or triangles depending on the shape of your block of cheese. A wire slicer is great for slicing semi-firm cheeses quickly and evenly—just be sure to hold onto the handle firmly as you slide it through the block!

Pyramid Shaped Cheeses

Pyramid shaped cheeses such as caciocavallo require special attention when it comes to cutting them properly. Start by slicing off one side of the pyramid so that it becomes flat on one end. Then use a sharp knife to slice off thin pieces from that flat surface until you reach your desired size and shape. Alternatively, if you’re looking for a thick cheese wedge, simply cut off each side using a sharp knife until you have four equal wedges from each pyramid shaped piece of cheese!


Cutting different types of cheeses doesn’t have to be intimidating! There are many techniques for slicing soft, semi-firm, and crumbly cheeses so that they look professional and taste delicious every time. With just a few simple tools such as soft cheese knives, wire slicers, and sharp knives in your arsenal, anyone can master the art of cutting cheesy perfection! So what are you waiting for? Get out there and practice your new skills today and make an amazing cheese board!

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