You've seen it done on TV. That golden, crispy turkey that's just bursting with flavor. It looks delicious, and you want to try it yourself. But you're not sure how much peanut oil you need to use in your turkey fryer. Never fear! We're here to help.

How Much Peanut Oil for Turkey Fryer?

The amount of peanut oil you'll need for your turkey fryer will depend on the size of your turkey. A rule of thumb is to use 1 quart of oil for every 2-3 pounds of turkey. So, if you're frying a 10-pound turkey, you'll need 5 quarts of oil.

Another way to determine how much oil you'll need is to fill your fryer pot with water and then place your turkey in the water. Make sure the water covers the turkey completely and then mark the water level on the pot. Remove the turkey and then dry the pot off completely. Now you can measure the amount of water that was displaced and use that to figure out how much oil you'll need. For example, if 2 gallons of water was displaced, you'll need 4 gallons of oil.


Now that you know how much peanut oil you need for your turkey fryer, all that's left to do is get cooking! Try our delicious recipe for Southern Fried Turkey and wow your family and friends with your culinary skills. They'll be begging you to fry their turkeys from now on!

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